Hello My name is Josie. Anyways....I am married to my high school sweetheart For

                                                about five years, we have crazy cute wonderful children Aiden and Aubrey. My family is my

                                                world and I do everything for them! I am a stay at home mom for the moment and its the most

                                                challenging job I have had, no joke! But I love what I do and I am lucky because not everyone's

                                                situations allows them to do what I do. I have lived many places was born in Tx and it will always

                                                be my home! We just moved to Washington, Dc from California and I miss Cali sooooooo much

                                               I made the greatest friends I have ever had there. Well my page is for keeping up with friends and family and sharing my pictures and thoughts. Hope you enjoy and feel free to say hi! Love ya Josie